Every weekday, 56 million children and adults set foot in a public school: 1 in 6 of all Americans. But half of these schools need repairs, especially in urban and rural areas. Incredibly, the federal government provides NO support for this vital part of the country’s infrastructure. We can change this. But only with your help.


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Challenge: $38 Billion Annual Investment Gap

Public schools are the second largest sector of America’s infrastructure, after roads and highways. Local communities and states spend $49 billion a year on capital investment in public school buildings. But that’s $38 billion a year less than they need. Some states help. Some don’t. And there are NO federal funds for even the poorest school districts. This investment gap impacts education, health, safety, security, and the environment.

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Opportunity: Federal Infrastructure Investment Will Help Close the Gap

Americans strongly support investing more in public infrastructure. President Trump and many members of Congress have made infrastructure a top legislative priority. A one-time federal investment of $100 billion over 10 years for locally controlled public schools will benefit children, families, and communities across America.

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Benefits for Every Community and State

Better schools. Thousands of local construction jobs in every state. Broadband for rural communities. Lower maintenance and operations costs. Stronger local economies. Resilient public facilities ready to serve in time of disasters. All while retaining local control of public schools.

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Your voice is needed to ensure that ALL children attend healthy, safe, and educationally appropriate public school facilities.