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Toxic City: The Ongoing Struggle To Protect Philadelphia's Children From Environmental Harm. Toxic City is an investigative series by the Philadelphia Inquirer about the ongoing struggle to protect Philadelphia’s children, many poor and minority, from environmental harm. May 2018. Philadelphia Inquirer

Congressional Democrats announce "Better Deal for Teachers" plan that establishes a new $50 billion fund for school infrastructure and resources. May 22, 2018. USA Today

Opinion: Crumbling schools in desperate need of more investment. May 14, 2018. Cincinnati Inquirer

Rebuilding Schools, Bridges—and Lives. May 14, 2018. Wall Street Journal

25-Year-Old Textbooks and Holes in the Ceiling: Inside America’s Public Schools. April 16, 2018. New York Times

America's Deathtrap Schools. April 7, 2018. New York Times

POLITICO/Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health poll finds 72% of Americans support improving school buildings, tied with bridges for #1 priority for federal infrastructure investments. March 2018.

Democrats to unveil $1 trillion infrastructure plan. March 7, 2018. Washington Post

Why a ‘Make America Great Again’ infrastructure program must include public schools. February 13, 2018. Washington Post

Advocates Build Case for Federal School Construction Aid. 
February 13, 2018. Education Week

Freezing classrooms spark heated debate over Baltimore’s school infrastructure. February 13, 2018. PBS News Hour

Many Schools Are in Disrepair. Will They Get Any of Trump's Infrastructure Money? January 31, 2018. Education Week

Will Trump Help Rebuild America's Schools? January 31, 2018. U.S. News and World Report

Building conditions deteriorate in cash-strapped school districts. Jan. 20, 2018. Roanoke Times

Baltimore Sun series of articles on impact of cold weather on schools, January 2018. Baltimore Sun

Cold snap exposes cracks in upkeep of timeworn schoolsJan. 10, 2018, AP

It’s Not Just Freezing Classrooms in Baltimore. America’s Schools Are Physically Falling Apart. January 6, 2018. Mother Jones

Editorial: A plan to fix crumbling schools. January 5, 2018. Providence Journal

The New School House: Building Facilities That Work. November 28, 2017. Education Week special issue

America’s schools are essential public infrastructure. By Richard Riley. October 17, 2017. The Hill

NSBA Letter on School Infrastructure Legislation: "Rebuilding America's Schools Act," May 18, 2017

Public Schools' Infrastructure Gets Near Failing Grade From Civil Engineers. March 10, 2017. Education Week

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21st Century School Fund
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Center for Cities + Schools
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National Council on School Facilities
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Brian Kennedy
International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftsworkers
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